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Colonial Saw, Inc. sells machinery to both the wood products industry (primary and secondary markets) and the metal working industry. Whether your business is manufacturing wood products, cutting tools, knives or saws, operating a sharpening shop or managing an in-house tool service facility, selecting the right machinery is key to optimum performance and profitability. Colonial Saw has, for more than half a century, provided the machinery and technical support to help businesses expand their capabilities, increase productivity and maximize profits.

Working with the world's machinery manufacturers, Colonial Saw delivers uncompromising performance and value in every machine we sell. More important, when you purchase a Colonial Saw product
you receive one of the most extensive and responsive after-the-sale customer support programs in the industry.

In addition to a comprehensive dealer network, Colonial Saw has both East and West coast facilities. Colonial Saw products can also be seen at all the major trade shows.


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Profile Grinders
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Circular Knife Grinders
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Band Saw Grinders
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STRIEBIG Vertical Panel Saws LAMELLO Woodworking Machines LAMELLO LK Gluing System


Click on the checkboxes in front of the literature you desire and fill out the shipping information below.

Surface Grinding and Cutting Tool Service Machinery

Carbide Saw Grinders

- UniMax 750 Automatic Hydraulic Top & Face
- MAXimum TF850-SP Fully Automatic with Standard Programming
- MAXimum TF850-FP Fully Automatic with Free Programming
- ABM CNC810 CNC Controlled Automatic Face & Top Grinder
- UTMA AL805 / AL1200 CNC Programmable
- ABM Premium Robot Loading Service Center
- UTMA AP800 Premium NC Controlled Facer
- MAXimum F850 Standard Facer
- UTMA AF800 Manual Single Side
- uniMAX DS700 Manual Dual Side
- uniMAX DUO Auto Dual Side
- MAXimum DS1200 Auto Dual Side
- UTMA AF801 CNC Auto Dual Side
- UniMAX SR800 Auto Steel Reliever
- W-725 Strob Sharpener

 HSS Saw Grinders

- Rekord 400 B - Economic Feed Pawl
- Rekord Control - Auto Feed Pawl
- Rekord 500 CNC - CBN Wheels
- ReKord Polar Chamfer Grinder
- Rekord Micron Slot Grinder
- Rekord RS500 - Tooth Removal

Tool & Cutter Grinders

- UTMA LC25 Manual up to 8" cutters
- UTMA LC35 Manual up to 14" cutters
- UTMA LC35-CNC Automatic Tool Grinder
- BitMaster Manual Brad Point and Router Bit
- 82R Manual Tap, Drill & Reamer

Profile Grinders

- UTMA P20 - Manual
- UTMA P20-CNC - Automatic

Straight Knife Grinders

- MVM BM - 33" Auto with 2 HP
- MVM ZX - 40" Auto with 2 or 3.5 HP
- MVM PX - up to 69" Auto with 3.5 or 6 HP
- MVM MX - Up to 120" Auto with 8.5 HP
- MVM KS - 15 HP PLC Controlled
- MVM KX - 25 HP PLC Controlled
- MVM FX 20- 25 or 35 HP PLC Knife and Surface
- MVM FX 40- 50 or 60 HP PLC Knife and Surface
- MVM Auto Knife Loader
- MVM EH - Manual Edge Honing
- MVM SBO - Auto Edge Honing
- MVM RDM - Manual Knife Straightening
- MVM RDA - Auto Knife Straightening

Insert Sharpening

- MVM Insert Sharpening Systems

Circular Knife Grinders

- Rekord CK300- TH Auto Twin Head
- Rekord CK500 NC- Auto Single Head
- MVM LA 500 Rotary Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder

- MVM FX 20- 25 or 35 HP PLC Knife and Surface
- MVM FX 40- 50 or 60 HP PLC Knife and Surface

Band Saw Grinders

- MAXimum ABG - Economic Auto Sharpener up to 3.5"
- MAXimum TF850-BSP - Auto Top & Face
- MAXimum DS850-B - Auto Side
- MAXimum CM850-B - Auto Double Chamfer
- MAXimum PG850-B - Auto Pocket Grinder

Ultrasonic Cleaners & Polishers

- Ultrasonic Cleaning System
- MP32 Manual Saw Polisher
- CCT Automatic Saw Polisher

Air & Coolant Filtration Systems

- LOSMA Mist Extraction
- CFS Cartridge Filtration System
- Los-DMD Single Machine Auto Paper Roll Filtration

Grinding Wheels & Accessories

- Grinding Wheels & Accessories


Striebig Vertical Panel Saws

- Striebig Compact
- Striebig Compact Plus
- Striebig Compact Automatics
- Striebig Optisaw Standard
- Striebig Evolution
- Striebig Control Automatic

Striebig Information on the following Special Applications

- Aluminum Composite Materials
- Closets
- Solid Surface
- Plastics



Lamello Woodworking Machines

- Biscuit Joiners
- Clamex / Zeta Connector System
- Cantex Flush Milling Machine
- Profila Edge Finisher
- Joining Plates
- Lamello Defect Patching (Mini-Spot)
- Lamello Spanner
- Lamello Glue Bottles
- Lamello Specialized Plates & Fasteners

Lamello LK Gluing System

- Lamello LK Gluing System



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West Coast Regional Office: Colonial Saw, Inc., 845 Milliken Avenue, Suite F, Ontario, CA 91761 TEL 909-390-5465 • FAX 909-390-5470

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