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Mini SpotAs environmental concerns continue to place increasing pressure on the lumber industry, the better grades of both hard and soft woods are becoming more expensive and harder to get. However, sap pockets and other damage in wood can be easily and neatly removed with the Lamello Minispot machines, and patches milled to an exact match with the Lamello Patchmaker.

Lamello G2A Minispot machine, easily and neatly removes resin galls, sap pockets and other damage in wood. Mill out damaged part with Minispot machine, apply glue, insert Minispot patch and plane the lightly projecting part flush. Each patch instantly seats firmly in it's recess as it wedges itself in the wood.

Particularly suited for milling in rabbets. The Lamello Minispot G2A has a movable bottom covering, enabling it to mill in a rabbet. The cutter is visible and allows exact positioning.

To expand the use of Lamello Biscuit Joiners, Top 21 and Classic C3 can be retrofitted for use with G2 patch size by installing a G2 Minispot cutter, item 132217.



Cantex ErgoLamello Cantex Ergo, the machine designed for flush milling solid wood edges, as well as, milling protruding wooden patches flush to the surface, can be used on both surfaces and in rabbets. The Cantex is designed to minimize error, enjoy ease of operation, conserve time and achieve satisfactory results.



PatchmakerLamello Patchmaker, used to mill patches from wood cuts or scrap pieces for perfect surface structure and color matches with wood species being used.



PatchesPremilled Minispot Patches in boxes of 200 pieces are available with price dependent on species request. Note should be given to the fact that premilled patches are milled in Europe, and although close in color and structure, matches are not exact with timber grown in North America.