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P-System CNC 

CNC Element or Connector

Material: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

Size: 67 x 29 x 9.7 mm.

No lateral tolerance

Clamex P-14 CNC comes in 2000 pairs #145390

For more info or to order please call 1-800-LAMELLO or email info@csaw.com.

The profile groove for installation of the Clamex P elements and Tenso can be made using a CNC machine with Clamex CNC cutter. For a comprehensive discussion on the benefits, CNC installation overview and applications, please visit:

For additional information on the components necessary for installation with CNC machine visit:

Please contact us to discuss any questions regarding your CNC set up for the Clamex P system. We are happy to assist you.
West Coast: 1-800-252-6355
East Coast: 1-888-777-2729
E-mail: Lamello@csaw.com