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Lamello Application Video Clips
These files are Windows Media Player files (wmv). You will need to have Windows Media player on your computer in order to view them. To download the free Media player click :

For downloading the video:

1. Click with the right mouse button on the data file

2. Choose "Save as ..."

3. Save on your computer.

Biscuit Joining Video Clips
Wood Joining Video

L- Joint (20) - 1Mb file
Specialty Biscuits - 919 Kb file
Duplex Biscuit - 1.5M file
H-9 Face Frame Biscuit - 2.9M file

Cutting Grooves - 706 Kb file

Cutting ClamexP profile with NEW Zeta Biscuit Joiner

Special Power Tools Video Clips

Cantex Ergo - Flush Milling Machine - 2.7M file
Lamina Laminate Trimmer - 2.8M file

Glue System Video Clips
Manual glue LK 3

Various Nozzle Types - 3.6M file
Cleaning Nozzles - 929Kb file
Customized Nozzles - 788Kb file

Wood Repair Video Clip
Wood Repair Video

Wood Repair (Size 2) - 2.7M file

The Self Clamping Biscuit Clips
FIXO Video

Window Face Frame - 19.6M file
Base Boards - 4.2M file
Extensions for Boards - 17.3M file
Bases - 11.4M file
Face Frames - 11.1M file

Clamex P-The Detachable, Eccentric Cam Connector System Video Clips 


Clamex P System

Clamex P Medius

Clamex P 10

Clamex Bisco P

Clamex P Long Drill Jig

Clamex P with Dividers and CNC

Clamex P 16mm Panels

Clamex P Non Mitered Joint

Clamex P 30 Degree Joint

Clamex 22.5 Miter Joint

Clamex P 45 Miter Joint

Clamex P 90 Butt Joint

Zeta P2




Clamex S - The Knockdown Biscuit Video Clips
Clamex Video

L-Joint - 28.5M file
Mitre Joint - 13.8M file