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 Make Wood Repair Patches from your own scrap pieces

  • Workpiece and patch from the same piece of wood.

  • For patching resin spots, cracks, damaged edges etc. the familiar Minispot way.

  • The patch has the same surface structure and color shade as the work piece.

  • You make only as many patches as you really need.


Please call for more details or purchasing information.


The Lamello Patchmaker consists of:

A. Milling Unit - with clamping device for the wood, hard metal form cutter, 500 W motor.
B. Sawing Unit - Hard metal circular saw 100 mm. diameter, 250 W motor.


A. Milling Unit - screwed onto the bench
B. Sawing Unit - mounted on the milling unit. May be retrofitted any time.


To make a patch a piece of waste wood with the following dimensions is sufficient: length about 70 mm., width 25 mm., thickness 10 mm.

1. Clamp the wood
2. Start the milling operation
3. Saw off the patch
Patchmaker illustration



Technical Data Milling Unit Sawing Unit
Motor 500 W 250 W
Speed 10,000 RPM 18,000 RPM
HM Cutter Profile cutter Saw blade 100 mm.

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