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Lamello - Synonymous with Wood Joining Technology   

Top 21

Top 21
Classic X

The Lamello ZETA P2, TOP-21 and Classic X machines are industrial grade power tools, designed to maintain absolute precision over extended continuous operation in:

  • hardwood
  • softwood
  • composites
  • non-ferrous metals

For more than 40 years they have fulfilled this mission on the world market. Further, Lamello is the only nationally marketed, hand-held machine with the:

  • engineering
  • specifications
  • operational performance
  • precision

required for such diverse industrial and professional applications.

In order to meet these specifications, Lamello Top-21 and Classic X joiners use:

  • higher load capacity
  • larger bearings
  • thorough hardened, machined steel geartrain
  • slip clutch
  • stronger gear housing with machined seats
  • replaceable surface treated inner slides and ways
  • cast and machined alloy fences and parts throughout

These components along with overall quality of construction, finish and materials, substantially increase manufacturing costs. While Lamello makes the only line of hand-held machines for continuous industrial use, other machines offer many of the functions found on the Top-21, and Classic, but not the performance or tolerances, particularly over time.

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