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Cantex Ergo


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Lamello Cantex Ergo - No. 111857-US - $1,800.00
Lamello Cantex Ergo Parallel Stop Guide
No. 121290 - $170.00
Lamello Cantex Reversible Carbide Knives (Set of 3)
No. 131822 - $39.00

The Lamello Cantex Ergo

The flush milling machine of the highest quality for flush milling solid wood edges as well as minispot patches. The geometry of the cutting head with three reversible blades offers high quality finish even when cutting against the grain. Precision height adjustment in increments of .0014 per click with repeatable settings can achieve results that are perfectly flush, slightly below, or slightly above the surface. The NEW cutter head design has a scale engraved in inches and millimeters for easy setting of the parallel guide stop fence from the outside edge to the desired inside cut end.

  • Equipped with the successful Step Memory System for high-precision requirements
  • Helical cutter design guarantees tear-free work
  • Cutter head with 3 carbide disposable reversing blades
  • Support to protect the milling machine when it is running down or not in use
  • Ergonomic arrangement of switches and grips
  • Chip protector on the front edge of the supporting plate
  • Optimized chip ejection
  • Suction equipment available as accessories
  • Adjustable handgrip for safe and accurate guidance of the machine
  • Milling width 45 mm.
  • Special coating of the support plate provides an optimized sliding surface
  • Prevents signs of abrasion on the workpiece
  • Dismantable gib on one side ensures problem-free entry into solid wood edges

Cantex Parallel guide stop New Parallel Guide Stop - Sold Separately

With a quick set stop and a micro adjustment
Special coating of the supporting plate

Provides an optimized sliding surface and prevents damaging of the reference material surface

Technical Data
Motor 705 W
Speed 10,000 RPM
Cutter head 3 reversing blades
Cutting width 45 mm.
Weight 3.4 kg.
Voltages 230 V, 120 V

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The Lamello Cantex consists of:


  • A. Machine
  • B. Tool set
  • C. Operating Instructions
  • D. Parallel Guide Stop - Sold Separately