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LACH 2100-Mini
Universal EDG Machine
25 years after discovering spark erosion for PCD processing, LACH-DIAMANT can celebrate another »Premier« – namely, the »mini«. The universal concept of the LACH 2100-Mini fulfills the world-wide increased demand for the service of diamond tools (PCD).
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LACH 2100 Mini
Universal EDG Machine
The LACH 2100-CNC is universally designed so that it is capable of working all types of tools including shear angled jointers, router bits, profile tools, grooving tools, scoring tools, hoggers or saws. All programs include simple operator instructions for easy processing.
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LACH 5085
Erosion Machine for PCD Saw Blades
Automatic CNC Saw Sharpening Machine for fully automatic saw processing including side, chamfers and top of all teeth in one clamping and sequence.
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LACH 5085
LACH 7000
Erosion Machine for Sides of PCD Saw Blades
Utilizes a double wheel setup for the fastest production and service of saw blades. Processes all common side clearance angles quickly and precisely.
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LACH 7000

The ToolNet is a newly developed universal measuring and pre-positioning device with an integrated tool server. It saves significant setup time by communicating via the network with all connected CNC- controlled LACH DIAMANT sharpening machines.
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