Insert Sharpening Systems from MVM

Insert Sharpening
For Carbide Inserts
For Alloy Insert with Pin Holes



Insert Sharpening Systems


  • For sharpening inserts by surface grinding
  • Systems work with carbide or alloy inserts
  • For profile and straight inserts of varying dimensions
  • For mounting on knife grinders, cutter grinders or surface grinders
  • Can be mounted onto mechanical or magnetic grinding machine tables
  • Fast loading and unloading of inserts increases output
  • Chuck maintains perfect parallelism with the grinding machines table
  • Multiple holders can be mounted on the same machine increasing output and making for extremely strong magnetic surfaces.

For Carbide Inserts:

  • 200mm Super Hi-Power Mag Plate
  • 400mm Super Hi-Power Mag Plate
    Mag plate
    *Quantity to be ground depends on insert dimensions. Plate dimensions are 200 or 400mm x 70 x 20mm.

For Alloy (or any non magnetic) Insert with Pin Holes

  • Mechanical Clamp Plate

    Alloy Mag plate
    *Grinds up to 4 inserts with pin holes. Plate dimensions are 300 x 120 x 20mm

    Note: Not all inserts can be safely sharpened. It is the sole responsibility of the user to contact the individual insert manufacturer to get information on whether or not the inserts can be safely sharpened and if yes, what is the minimum thickness to which the insert can be safely ground.