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Businaro - The Leading Italian Grinding Machine Manufacturer
For over 25 years, Businaro has specialized in the manufacture of grinding equipment and other complementary machines to solve the many problems involved in manufacturing and servicing HSS cold saw blades. Their specialized capabilities include automatic grinders for HSS circular saw blades, dedicated automatic chamfering machines, dedicated slot grinding (notching) machines, and automatic tooth removal machines under the Rekord trade name. They are also available to share their application knowledge to help spec out a blade geometry based on the customer's specific metal cutting needs.
Rekord 400B Economic Feed Pawl
For sharpening of circular saws with straight, curved, or chamfered teeth. Features quick adjustment chamfering and easy set-up of rake angles. Fully enclosed gearbox with all moving parts in oil bath. Three indexing speeds from 60 to 200 teeth/min.
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Rekord 400B
Rekord Control Feed Pawl Automatic
Long proven automatic pawl index sharpening machine for HSS circular saws with straight, curved or chamfered teeth. Circular, band & hacksaw attachments. Add an index plate and recirculating flood coolant system for light manufacturing.
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Rekord Control

Rekord 500CNC with CBN Wheels
For sharpening and manufacturing metal cutting saws, this CNC grinding machine using CBN grinding wheels and heavy flood coolant guarantees outstanding quality finish on saws with a short cycle time. The machines uses the latest computer technology to guide the operator through simple programmable menu driven displays
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Rekord 500CNC

Rekord Polar Chamfer Grinder
The Polar is a fast automatic chamfering machine for HSS circular saw blades. Diameters from 120 to 650 mm. Grinding speeds from 40 to 70 tpm Accepts thicknesses up to 8 mm. 1HP grinding motor
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Rekord Polar
Rekord Micron Slot Grinder
Automatic chip breaker slot grinder for HSS circular saw blades. Grinds alternating chip breaker slots in a single pass. PLC controlled. High frequency electrospindle
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Rekord Micron

Rekord RS500 Tooth Removal Machine
Tooth removal machine for grinding down teeth on HSS circular saw blades to facilitate remanufacturing. Features full enclosure reducing noise and grinding dust. It has a rigid structure with protected grinding wheel spindle and slide.
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