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Central Ceiling Mount Filtration Unit
For mist, dust and smoke removal for open cabin machines or as a general shop air filter. 3 stage filtration system. 450 CFM. 6” inlet. For ceiling or wall mount.
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Mist Pac
Single Machine Mist Extraction Unit
Mist extraction system for use with Synthetic or Oil coolants. Double Centrifuge Collector with air filter. For Oil coolants- Includes 2 static and 2 dynamic filters. Electrostatic Precipitator Smoke Eliminator.
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Cartridge Filtration System
Coolant Filtration System for Fixed Multi-Machine Application. 15 GPM high-pressure pump. Runs 1 to 8 machines. Filter to 5 microns. Dual cartridge system with 55 sq. ft. of filter media. High efficiency cartridges combine high dirt holding capacity with minimal pressure drop.Filters water or oil, equally well.
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Single Machine Automatic Paper Roll Filtration Systems
When filter paper gets clogged with enough grinding debris that the coolant won't flow through easily, the coolant level rises and will contact the sensor. Then the system will automatically feed a new section of fresh filter paper and dirty paper will fall into the outlet bucket and can be carried away.
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LOS DMD Paper Roll filtration