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UniMAX 750
Automatic hydraulic face and top grinder features a totally enclosed cabin and a rigid machine base. Simple controls allow for quick learning curves. Includes internal diagnostic program. "Lift-off" face and top grinding.
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Fully Automatic with Standard Programs
Automatic face and top grinder features a totally enclosed cabin with end of cycle indicator and a specially balanced 2 HP grinding motor. Includes height sensor with shut off and PLC with nearly 100 Pre-set programs.
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TF 850 sp

CNC Controlled Automatic Face and Top Grinder
Grinds all common tooth geometries in one revolution. Very fast with the ability to grind flats and chamfers and off-carbide time at different feed rates. CNC-controlled axis, Windows 7 PC Controller with 17" monitor, graphical interface and internet connection for easy updating.
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UTMA AL805 / AL1200
CNC Programmable with Top & Face Grind in One Set-up
CNC programmable top and face grinder features grinds in one setup. Free programming with memory for variations of combination planer and trim saw geometries. UTMA AL1200 version for large diameter saw blades up to a 47" diameter with up to a 6" tooth pitch
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Premium Loader

8 Axes with Loading System

Grinds all common tooth types in one cycle. Ability to stack saw blades in Mixed-Order of various diameters and tooth forms.
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Premium NC Controlled Facer
Automatic face grinder features menu driven PLC control for quick and easy set up. Automatic electronic indexing system can skip any number of teeth within max pitch. Has lift-off of grinding wheel, hydraulic saw blade clamping and flow-control valves for speed control of index finger and grinding head.
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Rekord Micron
MAXimum F850
Standard Facer
Automatic face grinder does alternate shear face grinding in one revolution. Menu driven operator interface. Lift-off face grinding. Specially balanced 2 HP motor. Hydraulic saw blade clamping. Flow-control valves for speed control of index finger and grinding head. Automatic electronic indexing.
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F850 Facer
UTMA AF800 - Manual Single Side
Manual single side grinder features fast, simple, easy set up. Central pivot point enables easy grinding of both sides of the tooth. Handles a wide variety of tangential and radial clearances. Has flood coolant system. Small saw attachment for blade diameters down to 2.5”
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Rekord Micron

uniMAX DS700 - Manual Dual Side
Manual double side grinder features two 1 HP grinding motors. Mechanical Cam-lock blade clamping. Quick setup of blade thickness, tangential clearance and + or - radial clearance angles. Needle bearing slide system riding on hardened ways. Hook angle guide.
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UTMA AF801 - CNC Automatic Dual Side
CNC programmable double side grinder has 3 axis CNC controlled grinding with AC servo motors. Features interpolation for straight and form or profile grinding, automatic electronic indexing system, hydraulic saw blade clamping & saw carrier locking, plus menu driven programming with memory for fast set up.
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Rekord Micron
uniMAX DUO - Automatic Dual Side
Automatic double side grinder features two 1 HP grinding motors. Full cabin improves shop environment and safety. Hydraulic blade clamping. Quick setup of blade thickness and tangential clearance. Chromed parts for long life. Linear bearing slide system for straight grind action. Variable grinding feed rate and indexing speed.
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Max DS1200

MAXimum DS1200 - Automatic Dual Side
Automatic double side grinder features two 2 HP precision spindle grinding motors. Manual or auto operation. Siemens menu-driven operator interface allows various combo-programs and multi-pass operations. Auto load saw locator. Four standard programs.
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Max DS1200
W-725 STROB - Face & Side Sharpener
Sharp strob teeth are necessary for good strob saw performance. The W-725 Strob Sharpener sharpens the face and the sides of strob teeth accurately and quickly. Powered feed with flood coolant reduces labor, increases accuracy, sharpness, and wheel life. Quick and easy to set up, operate, and maintain, the W-725 has become the industry standard for precision sharpening of strob saws.
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W-725 Strob
UniMAX SR800 - Automatic Steel Reliever
Automatic hydraulic steel reliever features totally enclosed cabin. rigid machine base, simple controls, and internal diagnostic program. Offers automatic relieving of straight or beveled shoulders in one revolution. Hydraulic saw blade clamp rigidly supports blade. Variable grinding speed forward and back.
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Steel Reliever