Colonial Saw Company News Release

Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Eliminates Wire Brushing

Cleans Tools in Minutes
Ultrasonic Tanks

Colonial Saw Company introduces its latest technology in ultrasonic cleaning designed to clean saw blades, router bits, shapers, knives, hoggers, CNC Spirals and more in minutes. No need to soak, polish or wire brush your blades and bits to get them clean and ready for sharpening.  The Ultrasonic Cleaning System can clean the average stack of 20 cabinet shop blades in 2 minutes and the average stack of 20 lumber mill blades in 5 minutes. An added benefit is you can have emergency jobs cleaned and on the grinding machine in minutes.  Additional features include:


  • A heated tank adjustable from 0 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction for long life
  • Ultrasonic Transducers direct bonded to Polished interior walls for most efficient cleaning
  • Twin Power Generator Sweeps 40khz frequency +\- 1Khz for even distribution of cleaning force
  • Inlet and Outlet plumbing for easy cleaning and refill
  • Small Footprint allows access in the tightest shops
  • Detached Generator Unit can be mounted up to 15ft away from mist and dirt
  • Made in America

For more information contact Dave Rakauskas at or call (800) 252-6455.

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