ALU Ranger CNC Router


ALU Ranger

Video Watch a demo video of the ALU RANGER, click here.

This space saving CNC machine is designed specifically for ACM fabricators with user-friendly fabrication software and pre-loaded standard program macros for corner folding, riveting, rout and return, and panel hanging designs. The ALU Ranger also grooves ACM with a grooving cutter, not a router bit, making it four times faster than traditional CNC machines that rely only on router bits to fabricate aluminum composites. 

A 10-Position Automatic Tool Changer at the left end of the machine allows for drilling, grooving, and cutting - all in one setup. Operator does not need to change tools. The ALU Ranger's vertical design saves up to 40% space over horizontal routers of the same size. Its design also offers added safety since the operator is out of the path of possible "thrown" parts. Large sheets are easier to load and off load and, ACM pieces stay securely on the machine until the operator is ready to remove them. Read more.  

For a simpler solution for straight cutting and V-folding ACM,  click here.  


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